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It was a bold and decisive move by a PKR elected representative in Kedah, V.Arumugam, to make a Police report that an attempt has been made to kidnap him. Suffice to say, when people like Bala can vanish into thin air, there is no guarantee, this would not happen to Arumugam or any other ordinary citizen.

He has received numerous threats, and “they” want him to desert PKR and join Barisan Nasional. He has received telephone threats, had his car windshield smashed, and offered money

What is Najib and gang up to. Going around buying up opposition representatives speaks of total corruption and disregard for law and order. Of course it is well known we have two sets of laws one for Barisan and another for all people who are not Barisan members.

How long can BN hoodwink the people – their fall is going to be one from which they can never get up. 


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