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This is the report from Star about the stupid assemblymen who, according to the Speaker of the Perak State Assembly, had resigned by  a fax send.

However Jamaluddin one of the two involved says he is still the Behrang assemblyman.

When Jamaluddin went missing, he forgot the Behrang people who voted for him. He was with Najib and gang maybe getting the 10 million as promised and also a discharge of his corruption case.

Now what Jamaluddin, whose ass are you going to kiss, the people who elected you, Najib or Anwar or one of the judges if at all you seek legal help.

You are just an ass-kisser, full stop.

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Sivakumar said he had received two faxed letters stating that Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu had resigned their posts as assemblymen of Behrang and Changkat Jering respectively.

Their resignations are effective 5:45pm Sunday, he said in a statement, adding that this paved the way for by-elections in the two constituencies within 60 days, he added.

He said he would inform the Election Commission officially Monday morning.

The Commission would then deliberate if by-elections are to be called and when.

However, Jamaluddin later Sunday denied he had quit and said he would challenge the validity of the resignation letter.

“This is an undated letter that I and six other PKR assemblymen were made to sign in March last year,” he said.

The letter was essentially a pledge of loyalty, saying that if they were to ever quit PKR, they would automatically vacate their seats.

“I am still Behrang assemblyman,” Jamaluddin said.


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