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I read Malaysiakini and understood the low-cost terminal (LCCT) supposed to be built in Labu Negeri Sembilan, had Najib proclaimed this project is cancelled. Somebody tells me the earth works for this project is already on. This was before Najib’s statement. I cringed and said well that is how we do business in this country. I read Mahathir’s blog, and others who questioned the need for 4 airports catering for Kuala Lumpur. But then reading that Najib had decided not to go ahead with it, I was satisfied that our Deputy Prime Minister is not one to follow the sheep but has got his own authority. But I see Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat’s claim today and realise Ong does not contribute to Nazib’s decision.

Is Najib going to sack Ong. Let’s wait and see. Who is the boss now?

A summary of what happened:

Lim was referring to Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat’s claim on Dec 19 that Cabinet had approved the construction of the new airport, only to have Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak claiming otherwise on Jan 23.

“Now we are confused. Who is actually in charge? Is the transport minister in charge of transport? We hope that when we deal with the transport minister, he would have power of authority,” he said.

On Dec 20, Ong reportedly said that Cabinet had given the nod for the new RM1.6 billion airport spanning 2,800-hectares, dubbed KLIA@East, and that it would be privately financed by Sime Darby Bhd and budget airline AirAsia.

Ong was reported to have said that the new airport was necessary as the current LCCT in Sepang was unable to cope with the increased volume of passengers.

More than a month later, Najib in a sudden turn of events said that the government had not decided on the matter. Yesterday, the project appeared to have been shelved indefinitely.


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