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Malaysiakini reports President MIC Samy Vellu, has invited Indian Progressive Front to merge with his party. IPF members will be treated like brothers he says.

Is Samy mellowing down; the man to stand against him Muthupalaniappan, who was sacked, was reinstated, K.P.Samy an expelled Central Working Committee member, once sacked was readmitted to MIC, and now the avowed enemy of MIC, Pandithan’s party IPF gets a reprieve. 

Samy is not a spring chicken, he is 72 years old and has his age anything to do with his mellowing to allow sacked members and a party to come back. I don’t know. But being in the political arena for over 29 years as the chief, he feels reluctant to let go. All these plethora of goodness cannot go unnoticed.

If he feels changes are necessary, he should go first; he has not indicated any final date for his exit, keeping everyone guessing. Ask any Indian and the inevitable reply is Samy is too long in the MIC for the party to be effective and only a change can revitalise MIC.

This sentiment is also echoed by most of the members in MIC but the leaders in the CWC are spine less to do anything as this would mean the end of their political career. Samy has become a Dictator and God help anybody going against him.   

There was talk he was grooming Sothinathan over G.Palanivel but lately this issue is kept in abeyance.

Whatever it may be, I hope the new changes are not Samy’s fight to remain as President for life but a genuine remorse his leading of the party is not politically correct. Go and let somebody lead.

One interesting point here, Samy says there are about 1.8 million Indians in the country. MIC has 604,162 members, IPF insists it has got 250,000 members, and the other Indian based party PPP has 500,000 members making a rough total of 1.3 million Indians carrying party cards. I have friends and surprisingly none of them claim to be a member of any of MIC/IPF/PPP members.

These so called leaders of the Indian community, are making fools of the community, and what is hurting is that they have been doing this for a long time.

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