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Malaysiakini in its report of today gave this unexpected news coming from the Central Working Committee of MIC viz: Muthupalaniappan was reinstated as party member with a stern warning. The CWC revised the earlier decision to expel the man. What was noteworthy was Samy Vellu, excused himself from the meeting when Muthu’s case was deliberated.

My first thought was Samy Vellu had in a way re-branded the Indian party and here was proof dissent by members is excepted – all the while Muthu has bad mouthed Samy. But going by past records of MIC and how the President had dealt with any contender for the top post, I am skeptical. Remember, Subramaniam, M.G.Pandithan, Govindaraju and a host of other party leaders who showed opposition to Samy. 

The problem with MIC is, all the party leaders including those in the hierarchy of power owe their position to Samy; without his support they would not be there. Therefore, going against Samy in any form is tantamount to political suicide. Subramaniam learnt it the hard way, today he is in limbo.

Come to thing about it, all members within MIC can pin-point the weakness of the party very exactly. there are no doubts about it. Samy is the villain and he should go. But where is the hero to come from, definitely not from Seremban in Negri Sembilan and Muthu does not have the caliber. He could have been a very good Vice President and that ends there.

This could have been the reason why Samy is so generous with Muthu – it must not be forgotten all the CWC members are beholden to their President, and without doubt the members are just putting into action the thoughts of the supremo.

Some say Samy will bring the death of MIC as he has no inclination to allow the party to be led by others as long as he is around. Selfish thought it is, but then Samy thinks he is MIC and if that party perishes, he has proven his oft repeated thought that without me there is no MIC.   

Can we expect any dramatic changes come May this year when the President will be voted for. Will Samy have a change in heart.


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