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Malaysiakini reports that the second post mortem on the late Kugan will be completed and submitted to the Attorney General by Wednesday. I suppose this is normal and procedures are being followed. The public wants to know the outcome of the investigations, and many are aghast seeing visuals of the dead person. But, what surprises me is the request by the Selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar , requesting the public not to speculate on the second post-mortem conducted. As much as he wants to assuage the public everything is above board, I can’t imagine what would have happened if a a Police detainee, elsewhere, had undergone the same predicament as Kugan, if the family and some Deputy Ministers who as allegedly barged into the morgue had not done so. How many would know Kugan had external injuries. Sometimes I wonder if every citizen who dies in Police custody will have a second recourse to put matters at rest. Even in Kugan’s case asthma was bandied about as one of the reasons of his death.

I appreciate Khalid’s inquiry into witnesses to put matters right. Hoping against hope, he should investigate, first, the Doctor who did the post mortem, without taking into account the external injuries. This poor Doctor has not shown much creditability, and I am sure Khalid will look into this.

Coming to the question of the speculation, as Khalid says, people should not, people will comment and have opinions and this Kugan’s case happens to be so clear cut, he had been tortured. So, Khalid should be clear that the people would and should speculate until some Police personnel, and not some lowly corporals are blamed: don’t tell me their superiors no nothing – Inspectors, Chief Inspectors the lot, including himself.

Well anyway, Khalid you are the one gossiping, you are telling the people not to do, but then the ball is at your court. Think about it.      

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