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It is a pity this first time Parliamentarian would be not available in the august house to raise matters concerning the Government that rules the country. In addition, 80,000 people from Puchong will have no representative to represent the people.

Much has been talked about the Speaker from Perak who suspended Barisan Nasional members for usurping the democratic rights of the people. This Puchong representative bears the brunt of the reciprocal action by the ruling party.

Parliament was one place where issues were discussed without fear of litigation, and speakers had the confidence to air views and observations, to be discussed. But from now on, one must tread carefully, if the Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, so decides, that particular speaker will be without a job and income.

Parliament is losing its importance; Karpal Singh was intimated by UMNO youths and now this long suspension. it is losing it venerable position.

What next? 

‘I wasn’t given chance to defend myself’

‘I wasn’t given chance to defend myself’
S Pathmawathy | Mar 16, 09 4:33pm

Puchong DAP parliamentarian Gobind Singh Deo, who has been slapped with a rare 12-month suspension from today, expressed disbelief over the decision.

“I cannot except the decision of the House to suspend me for 12 months without hearing me out first,” he said at a press conference in the lobby.

najib tun razak 040808Gobind was booted out for implicating Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak (right) in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, during the debate on committee stage of the second stimulus package last week.

“I only wish to say this, I did not make accusations against the MP of Pekan (Najib) behind his back. He was in Parliament and I only asked him to explain. That is all I did,” said Gobind in his defence.

gobind suspended from parliament 160309 02“Many allegations were made against me and the motion was moved against me to suspend me for 12 months but when I stood up to respond in my defence, I was shot down.”

Gobind, who appeared shocked by the decision, also said he was disappointed with the conduct of the House.

“As a MP it is my duty to ask questions in the House and I was only carrying out my duty… if we have questions to clarify, we ask for clarification in the Dewan.

“It is most unfortunate, but the fight does not stop here… I will concentrate more on constituency work for now and in one year I will be back.”

‘Kangaroo court’

Opposition parliamentarians who had staged a walkout against the decision were also present at the press conference.

Opposition Leader and Permatang Pauh MP Anwar Ibrahim said the speaker should have allowed the appeal for the matter to be referred to a select committee.

gobind suspended from parliament 160309 03“It is disgusting because they don’t respect the principles of natural justice… this is not how a Parliament should convene,” noted Anwar.

“(A select committee) is an acknowledgment that a serious allegation against a deputy prime minister must be fully investigated… but this was rejected summarily by the House and a proper debate was also rejected. How do you then proceed to condemn a person without even giving him the opportunity to speak?

“The way that Umno and BN controlled the House in treating the MP (this way) is disgusting. We had no option but to walk out against the manner in which the House conducts (its business), without respect for the spirit of the constitution and the rules.”

DAP Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang said that, although Parliament is generally convened as a court of justice, the session this morning was more like a kangaroo court in operation.

“This is an offence against all notions of justice,” said Lim.

kamaruddin jaafar kamaruddin jaffarTumpat PAS MP Kamaruddin Jaafar expressed bewilderment with the speaker’s decision to allow the debate.

“The motion was debated because it was approved by the speaker on the grounds that this is in national interest but we had only 20 minutes to have settle everything… what national interest is there?” he asked.

karpal singh 00Bukit Gelugor MP and DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh pointed out: “It has been rightly said that the speaker is ‘no man’s man’… he is the speaker of the House.

“But I regret that he has stood to the extent of not even allowing the Puchong MP to defend himself. The (decision) cannot be accepted by any right thinking person… I cannot go beyond that.”

Gobind, a lawyer, is Karpal’s son and a first-term parliamentarian. His brother Ram Karpal and mother were also present in Parliament today.

Last June, he was suspended for two days for disobeying speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia’s orders during a heated 10-minute argument.

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