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Rafidah Aziz, sometimes affectionately called ‘Fat Lady’, ‘Crying Mama’ etc, is predicted to leave her post as wanita chief in UMNO, in a dramatic manner befitting a lady quite often engrossed in theatrics. One cannot forget her prima donna performance at the time when Mahathir announced his stepping down as Prime Minister and she rushed to the man at the podium breaking her high heeled shoes. Some say at this moment she took centre stage and Mahathir was completely forgotten. Such was her legacy, a domineering character, unafraid of man or anything that came her way.

Her nemesis is going to be none other than Shahrizat her deputy. Though there is this tacit understanding that Rafidah will contest the No 1 in December, but will step down in June 2009, and the Deputy will take over, things are not working that way.

Shahrizat said she wont go for the top post, but surprisingly she has enough nominations, to vie for the top post, although she has requested UMNO wanita not to nominate her.

Now this is hair pulling stuff. Shahrizat is eligible to contest for the Presidency, and if she disappoints the 40 odd divisions, that voted her, her conduct will be looked as ungrateful. The other reason is if Rafidah gets elected and still hands over power in June next year, Shahrizat would still be an acting President before the next party elections which may be in 3 1/2 years time.

Human greed has no boundaries. They just don’t want to give in and call it a day. Give me more and more they say and the appetite knows no limitations. Rafidah has been in politics for 32 years, and at 65 should think about doing something besides politics. But then fame and power comes only to politicians and perhaps life hereafter will be boredom. Samy Vellu of MIC knows this and clings on to power, unashamedly even though practically every body, want him out.

Well, Shahrizat will have to decide, Rafidah has had her life, and any decision cannot be wrong.


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