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Najib made some very assertive comments in the run up to the election of the UMNO Presidency. Depending on which side of the fence you are positioned, his remarks are very encouraging and makes you comfortable or you wonder what is this talk of supremacy and blood is meant to mean.

One wonders if such  strong words were advisable. After all there is a 101% certainty he will become the President. He has exceeded the minimum requirements of 58 nominations and has touched the 64 mark whereas his opponent Tengku Razaleigh is still waiting his first nomination. As it stands now, the certainty exists Najib will be unopposed. I can’t imagine any division backing a loser and invariably come under the glaze of Najib. The division leaders and members are not fools.

It is easy to rule out anxiety of non-Umnoputras by saying this is a party matter and the words were directed towards UMNO members. But unfortunately Najib also carries the responsibility of Prime Minister of the people, and if this attitude of blood and  supremacy exists it may cause uncertainty in their minds. Najib just cannot be Prime Minister of any particular race.

This blood reference is becoming a mockery, we have left behind the feudal thinking of drawing blood and the like, and now is the time of drinking the last drop of coffee over discussions over a table to find solutions.

Supremacy begets domination and subserviency and to be the best there must be some not the best.

It is common for our leaders go to great lengths advising people not to touch on sensitive issues and our Najib is no exception. It is a mantra used every time other component party members are addressed. But when emotive words like blood and supremacy are thrown about, the leaders are not following their own advice.

The Presidential manifesto of Najib also refers to a Council Of Presidential Advisors that also includes past Presidents. Is this Najib’s way of thanking Mahathir. Surely the supreme council is there and does Najib think this group is superfluous.

My family won’t be involved he says. But only yesterday his brother was in the papers claiming CIMB is going to help the government. He also reiterated that he will not be influenced by other countries. Was this a hint that Badawi was influenced by Singapore. Only he knows.

Another assumption of Najib is elements are out there to destroy the country’s stability and peace, that BN went to the elections with fear. Najib should ask himself if these are not fantasies, mostly induced by bad management of the country, and for which UMNO must accept the blame.

Reverting to the allegations against him, he is quick to point out that he did not take part in any Hindu ritual. He should have stopped at that. Bringing in Samy Vellu to prove he did not go with him to any Hindu ceremony, destroys his case, the allegation did not mention any involvement of Samy and Samy is not Najib’s keeper to know all that the later does.

In referring to Altantuya, and the SMS communication he says he is ready to face the court to clear his name. Now, who is going to bell the cat, why not think about a Royal Commission Investigation once for all to give him piece of mind to carry on the heavy duties of a Premier.

He also touched on Eurocopter. He says everything is in order. It may be too early to assume every thing is spick and span, sometimes things develop and in any case this helicopter thingy is fresh.

Having said these, do you think his manifesto brings hope of anything new to happen. I doubt it.


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