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Everyone is under the impression that Prime Minister Badawi simply said no to review of the ISA. Now the new President Ong Kee Teck has got to give a twist to the issue by saying Badawi did not rule out future review of the dreaded act. In one his first statement, in his new capacity, Ong is telling a lie. I presume once in power, the MCA President does not want to antagonise UMNO and its leaders, and unashamedly toes the line of the ruling party. Is this not one of the reason for the heavy defeat of  MCA in the last elections.

And as a politician, who becomes a boot-licker, once in power, he has the guts to say “what he said was different from what you said”. Clever isn’t he.

Next he goes on the defensive, and says this issue won’t be dropped, but action will be fortcoming until such times the cows come home.

If lying is the trend of a leader, forget about MCA re-inenting itself.

MCA to keep pushing for ISA review

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