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If you enjoy children babbling, then this is a good read. More to come in the next 5 months.
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PM: Don’t create political upheaval, destabilise society
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says that this is not the time to create any political upheaval in the country or do anything to destabilise society. “This is a time that we must cooperate. We must understand each other,” he said on the “World Business” programme televised on CNBC on Saturday night when asked what could be don in view of the global economic uncertainty and the power transition in the country.
“I have left them a certain number of strategies and a national mission, which I believe will propel the development of growth, (and provide) sustainable growth paths for the future,” he explained.
“I was not able to do it in the first four years (while in power); I was able to do it only after we had already been returned to power after the last election. So I want this reform in place and I can do it. Even in five months.”
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