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The bulk of the citizens of this country respect and honour the Rulers and the Agong. They are thought of as our sovereigns and saviours of our country and act as a bulwark against any discriminatory acts of the government of the day. I remember the Bersih rally handing over a petition to the Agong, with the hope the Agong will interfere indirectly to put matters right. Such was the anticipation of the people. The people appreciate the Rulers are constitutional monarchs and therefore cannot get involved with the day to day running of the government, but by their positions it was hoped they will be with the people in their times of difficulty. Sad to say this never happened.

Malaysiakini says the Rulers decided to stick to convention and name Court of Appeal president Zaki Azmi as the new chief justice to replace the retiring Abdul Hamid Mohamad. Pardon my overbearing conduct, is this following the convention akin to rubber stamping the request by the Prime Minister. Did the 25,000 signatories mean nothing to the Rulers? After all, selecting somebody other than Zaki, is also part of the obligations of the Rulers, is it not.

My only hope in the future, the Rulers understand the aspirations of the people, and this will enhance the loyalty and respect towards the Royalty.

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