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Finally the Government has declared Hindraf as an illegal organisation. This is confirmed by Malaysiakini. We have to thank Syed Hamid Albar, the Home Minister, for the gesture as he has been always uncomfortable with this group.

The reasons given for the decision makes me laugh, but then a lot of things the Government does today is full of mirth.

Hindraf has been used for unlawful purposes, posed a threat to public order and morality.

It is also accused of as a threat to security, sovereignty of the country and racial harmony.

In addition, the group has exploited the Indian community, to organise illegal assemblies, street demonstrations without permits, and causing some members to rise up against the Government.

Hindraf is also responsible for causing hatred among the Malays and Indians.

What Hamid has done is arousing in the Indians a new awareness of the unfairness of the Government towards Hindraf and what it stood for. The organisation just wanted a better deal for the Indians, who had been marginalised, something which MIC never did, the members of this political party being subservient to UMNO.

Hindraf will be resurrected in another form, maybe with a new name, and I can foresee the Indians having no kind thought for Barisan and MIC.

Hindraf has had a very active, and positive role, to improve the welfare of the Indians, something MIC never did, especially during the time Samy Vellu assumed the Presidency. Commencing November 2007, when the peaceful rally was organised, Hindraf had been the voice of the Indians and some say the rally aroused the awareness of the Indians that they were being short changed by MIC and Barisan Nasional.

MIC can never replace Hindraf. The Indians must migrate to the opposition, hoping and wishing the opposition will rule and the Indians get a fair deal.

And finally, if the ISA had not been used against the Hindraf five, this group would have been another non-entity along with other movements, but the Government saw it fit to publicise and give prominence to the group and helped the name to be etched in history.

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