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Najib says there was no abuse of power in the text messages exchanged between him and lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah in relation to the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder case. That is his perception – but can the people following this episode be satisfied with such a simplistic reply. I think he has got to better. He refuses to confirm or deny the allegation that he was helping Abdul Razak Baginda, charged with abetting the murder. The fact that he chooses to be inscrutable, does not speak of a good defense, and leaves many questions unanswered.

If he thinks the message “will face a tentative charge but all is not lost” is not an assurance of interference, does it not lead to some form of abuse in power. Remember all these messages were purported to have been exchanged before the actual charge was preferred against Abdul Razak Baginda. If abuse of power is not involved, the least the people will conclude that Najib had super divination powers to foresee the future.

Hiding behind the Prime Minister who only said “ he did not believe his deputy would abuse his power”, is not good enough. The Prime Minister did not say, I have verified with the relevant authorities and find no history of any such messages, and therefore I believe the Deputy Prime Minister, or, such messages exist but on going through them there is no evidence of abuse of power – then Najib need not even reply to the accusations, but the word “belief” as used by the Prime Minister, cannot be construed that Najib will never do such a thing.

Again and again, matters have come to the fore suggesting Najib is somewhat involved in the Altantuya case, and this latest simple denial is not at all convincing.


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