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I could not believe it we may lose a cool 1.5 billion, in the chopper deal, just because a mid-ranking officer in the Defence Ministry, signed the order. Najib the former, and Badawi the incoming Defence Minister were too busy, transition of power, unsure of their own positions, trying to make hay while the sun shines, always have a scapegoat ready, who will ever know who signed the order, the important thing is some money must come in.

The good news is Najib, who is not the Defence Minister now, will explain in Parliament, although the announcement was made by Badawi our new Defence man, and let us hear what Najib has got to say. I hope it won’t be I believe the mid-ranking officer. Please see to it he gets a promotion.

“We believe that you (Najib) had provided Abdullah with an inaccurate report,” he wrote.

abdullah ahmad badawi najib razak pc change portfolio 170908 01“We have been made to understand that the evaluation process had not been completed but suddenly an order was given by a certain quarter for the LOI to be issued to Eurocopter.
“The LOI was signed by a mid-ranking official in the ministry and was dated Sept 15 – two days before you moved from the Defence Ministry to the Finance Ministry,” he added.

Zahar questioned the manner the deal was hastily sealed.


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