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Malaysiakini reports that Badawi is sending mixed signals as to his next plan. Mixed signals, besides the ambiguity they provide, will keep the people guessing for the next 48 hours or so. The inference is, he is not standing for UMNO elections but will be the Prime Minister until next March. In the same breath he is talking about fulfilling his promises made some 5 years back, as if by a miracle, within 6 months he is going to undo all the wrongs and fade into oblivion as of a worthy Prime Minister who history records as “he came and he conquered.”

For a Prime Minister who had claimed he was not a one term man, one wonders whether he is meekly surrendering everything to Najib, and walk away timidly without causing any tantrum. I don’t think so. He is going to fight, and is not giving up without a battle, if not for him personally, at least for the sake of his son and son-in-law, who would be left as orphans without Badawi. There is too much to loose.

Human nature dictates that one always wants that one last chance to prove one’s worth, and for Badawi this is the swan song before he quits for good.

So anything goes, but my bet is he will still want that chance to prove that he is not a fluke shot Prime Minister, and can continue to do so as an effective one. Let us wait for his announcement.


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