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There is important information that can be gleamed from the letter of Sepet Guy. The Hospital Pusrawi leaked report has got its importance. It is a basis for comparison with the medical report that surely will be provided by the General Hospital. The first report becomes a referral point and I hope it will be allowed as an exhibit if at all the case goes through.

The first report confirms the following:

No blood was seen per rectal.
No blood in the Stool
no bleeding from rectum,
no wound or evidence of infection, no injury seen, no
tear of the rectal/anal area.

If suddenly the second medical report says, there was  rectal blood, blood in stool, bleeding, wound or tear or any other injury, then the second medical report is just a fictitious one. The first report surely will help in deciding whether the General Hospital report is a fabrication or a concocted stuff and something new.

Thank you Sepat Guy for sharing your experience.


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