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So the political tie-up between PAS and UMNO has derailed. PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had to eat humble pie in the party’s central working committee and majlis syura which Nik Aziz leads. The opposition must have been great for him to relent – remember even spiritual leader Nik Aziz was against it at the beginning.

From now on, the meetings between PAS and any other party including UMNO will be on national interest issues no more on Malay unity and religion.

The icing in the cake is PAS will not cooperate with the Barisan Nasional to form the government at state or federal levels. This is a sure sign PAS members did not agree to fall into the trap of UMNO to help in regaining lost states.

Another commitment is the continued support for Pakatan Rakyat, to reform the government. The decision also meant that UMNO parliamentarians could defect and join PR. Badawi will lose some sleep tonight.

I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was the cunning statement of Nik Aziz who announced that strict hudud laws and qisas laws will be introduced if the two parties merge something Muslims and non-Muslims would fear. With this simple announcement, a rather drastic effort, Hadi Awang had to back away, as opposition to the continued PAS would boomerang and PAS may disappear forever.

The tussle between Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz, sees Nik Aziz coming out the winner and I am sure he has total support from those gathered in the meeting.

Hadi Awang, should in future, consult the members before deciding on something drastic, and his press statement of just 5 minutes is clear indication of his disappointment.

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