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Malaysiakini reports that Dr Mahathir Mohamad responded with his trademark sarcasm when asked to comment on his former protege-turned-nemesis Anwar Ibrahim announcing his decision to contest in a by-election.

“A loving wife could do nothing better… My wife would have done the same,” replied the 82-year-old former premier with a grin when posed with the question during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Another sinister and diabolical comment from the master of know all. Having read his comments and criticisms after his retirement, one feels he has parked himself in a cocoon full of misery and hate. He hates Anwar, Badawi, Khairi, and has he been ever kind with his words; definitely not. His mood changes when referring to Najib but lately even this protégé whom he wanted to go for the number one post had tasted the venom of his former chief who castigated him and suggested that Muhyiddin will be a better choice.

He is getting more bitter and is full of venom. As an elder statesman he could have behaved better. He could have been a good advisor, share his experience and say and do good things for the country. But he has his hang up that he chose a wrong successor and as a result the country is going in the wrong direction. It is true the country is on auto pilot, Badawi has failed badly to provide the direction. But, besides the hate Mahathir has for Badawi, does he ever think anything good for the country.

His 22 year legacy is full of misgivings, dubious decisions, grandiose schemes that do not auger well for a developing country. Now that he is much more advanced in age, will he not change now for a better person and stop being bitter. If he keeps quiet, perhaps the people will forget his past mistakes and Mahathir will have better sleep in his last days.


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