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Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan must be the noblest of the nobles. Any idiot will know you don’t pay for the services and goods that is not stipulated in the order. Unless of course that is Government money, where one eye is closed, where the supplier provides you with the blinkers. You don’t require a Chief Secretary to make this point, when even a lowly paid office boy knows this. What a waste to pay you such high salaries.

What you said in the speech while launching the Guidebook, is just cosmetic. People expect the Chief Secretary to be more pro-active. He left it to the authorities to investigate the RM 100 million fraud. Good. What about your work, you are the boss, can this money be deducted in installments from your salary, the Government can give many extensions until you finish payment.

In the first place how did you allow this type of fiasco to exist. Your down line officers never detailed you. Correct. What do you do next. Call the down liners take disciplinary action, sack them and show you mean business. Let the down liners take action against the next in line and it goes on to the office who closed his eye. That is called accountability.

If you can’t do that, please carry on and enjoy the pension.

I like your answer, on blacklisting the suppliers, please have a party and discuss their problems on supplying blinkers for all those concerned. They may even say, blinkers cost a lot of money, they may have to supply some cotton and some splicing tape for the purpose of covering one eye.

The part on a going a second time is hilarious, your consumer preference is perfect.

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Govt Will Not Pay For Goods That Failed To Meet Requirements – Mohd Sidek

PUTRAJAYA, July 31 (Bernama) — The government will not pay for any goods or services which failed to meet the specifications as stipulated in the order, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan.

He said although the government was striving to ensure that suppliers were paid accordingly and on time in line with the call for an efficient public delivery system, payments cannot be made if the goods delivered were not in good condition.

“Like any other consumers, the government has the right to reject consignments that did not meet specifications, or pay for services that were unsatisfactory,” he told reporters after launching the Guidebook on Registering Freehold Property published by the Special Task Force to Facilitate Business (Pemudah) here Thursday.

Mohd Sidek was asked to comment on reports about the delivery of equipment worth RM100 million to the Royal Malaysian Police logistics, such as machetes, bullet-proof vests, boots and beds, mattresses and pillows which were not according to specification.

The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is currently investigating reports from the police that their logistics department had uncovered attempts by suppliers to cheat the department over the supply of the goods.

Mohd Sidek declined to comment when asked if the government could reject the goods and demand for refunds from the suppliers.

He said he would leave it to the authorities investigate.

Asked if the government would blacklist the suppliers involved, he said, the matter would be looked into.

“As a consumer, I am sure you won’t be going to a shop for a second time if you are unhappy with the goods or services,” he said.


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