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It is scary is it not. I hope the Klang Police will act. I hope Charles Santiago will comment more on his blog.

Malay Mail

Klang MP’s car damaged

Fighting crime is not about deploying more cops and building police stations but about the need to eradicate poverty

Charles Santiago, Klang MP
“CRIME in Klang is serious and everyone is living in fear,” Klang MP Charles Santiago told participants at a Crime Forum in Dewan Hamzah Klang on Saturday and about five hours later, he found his car had been set on by thugs.

The incident occurred at 12.15am near a temple in Jalan Kem, Port Klang.

Santiago had been invited to the Sri Muniandy Temple’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

He said as he and his two assistants were leaving after the function they saw 12 thugs near his car.

“As soon as they saw us they made a commotion and pushed my personal assistant, a woman.

I intervened and they kept hurling abuses and behaving in a threatening manner.

“The temple’s committee members and devotees came to our aid and the presence of plainclothes policemen prevented further ugly scenes.” Santiago only realised that the side mirror of his car had been smashed after the thugs left.

When the Malay Mail visited him yesterday, he said that he had brought up the seriousness of crime in Klang and that some of the thugs, especially those from the Indian community had lost all hope.

“It has come to a point that prison does not bother them anymore,” he said with a sigh.

“I have raised this issue in Parliament twice and the Home Minister has told us that more police officers will be deployed to handle the situation; but my question is how long have we to wait again.

“Fighting crime is not about deploying more cops and building police stations but about the need to eradicate poverty.”


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  1. YB You should see where you were, remember p’klang is vicky n saroja bala’s territory and this was done to mock samy velu.

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