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Whether material wealth, a peaceful country, a place for achieving what you want, and the thousand and one other needs one has, the grass over the fence is always better than the grass found in your yard. Human nature is quick to criticise what you have and look beyond and crave something foreign. It is a never ending process, because whatever you may not like in a place, or country, the same problems may exist elsewhere and in the end you regret moving and up rooting yourself.

This is what I felt reading the Iranian looking for greener pastures in Malaysia. He has already regretted missing his favourite breakfast of “kaleh pacheh” – a fatty traditional Iranian dish made from sheep’s head and trotters that most outsiders find utterly inedible. This is the beginning. As you get down to the nitty gritty of staying in Malaysia, there will be many more things you will miss.

He is talking of a brain drain in Iran, nothing is the opposite here, young Malaysians are willing to migrate overseas, grumbling the Government is not fair in education, scholarships, employment opportunities, children’s education, business opportunities and a plethora of other ills because not all races are not treated the same. The playing field is not even.

Thousands want to go away, and many have done that, and this country is the loser of many educated professionals who would have helped Malaysia to be even a better country.

Apparently there are about 15,000 to 20,000 Iranians in Malaysia and this could be true; have you noticed around Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur the shop/shops dealing with hookah pipes, to indicate the Arab influence. Surprisingly this hookah thing is catching up with our Malay youths in places like Nilai – a mamak eating shop caters for this.

One thing agreed, Malaysians are a friendly people but be aware of four groups of people, the Rela gangsters, the religious enforcers, the Immigration and the Police staff who treat foreigners as their patrons to exhort money, or else you face their wrath in an official capacity.

Whatever said and done, Malaysia is still a nice place to be enjoyed compared to Iran which gives me the creeps as I see young woman being stoned and murdered – I have personally seen some Youtube clips. We don’t do that yet in this country.


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  1. “Brain Drain ” dari Malaysia sebenar nya “self inflicted” kerana tiap tahun semua pelajar yang dapat keputusan SPM cemerlang saperti 16A, 15A,14A,13A semua mohon biasiswa JPA hendak jadi Doktor perubatan kerana hendak ikut jejak langkah mereka yang tidak mahu pulang.Sampaikan parti politik, NGO menjadi jagoh untuk mendapat kan hak istimewa dari JPA.Juga sehingga dasar nasional dan perlembagaan negara menjadi bahan bertelagah untuk nak dapatkan biasiswa ke luar negeri nak tekan untuk membatal kan hak istimewa kumpulan yang tertentu. Ini akan berulang dan berulang.Kita tidak pernah belajar daripada sejarah.Balik ke orang Iran ,datang lah ke pusat memebeli belah Ampang Point, dekat Ampang Selangor.Dari situ sampai ke Spektrum dan Pusat Bandar Ampang Wawasan, ramai orang Iran.Orang Malaysia juga terpinggir.Sunggoh betuah pendatang asing mereka di sambut dan layan setinggi langgat.Yakin dan percaya lah kalau Malaysia pergi luar negeri, kita di syakki dan ragui bermula di barain imigresen.arjuna waspada.
    Arjuna waspada.

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