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Karpal Singh’s application to call Najib and Balasubramaniam was dismissed by Justice Mohd Zaki Yasin. With this goes the believe that Najib can extract himself from the allegations, innuendos, and murmurings that surround the Deputy Prime Minister, in the case of Altantuya’s murder. It is a wasted effort.



  1. Anyone can be called for give the evidence. Please investigate this case immediately and settle it, it’s shame for our country still delaying and still can;t catch the suspect

  2. Long live Malaysian Judiciary
    Long Live Judges

  3. we are back to the 1998 Anwar’s Trial where Honourable Augustine J and Arrifin Jaka J and the Appeal Justices …

    all do not have courage to seek Justice … no time, money, space wasted by calling Najib, Musa Safri, Idris, and Bala ….

    perhaps, only their promotions …. isn’t this very very junior judge usurped the taskfrom a Senior Judge N Segara ???

    Apa lah Melayu … bila lah kamu hendak jadi Muslim ayng sebenarnya
    takut pada manusia bukannya Tuhan dia … permain kan Tuhan dia !

  4. I did remember someone telling me about a bird that when it is threatened will plunge it’s head into the sand. In this way the bird then cannot see it’s enemy and it assumes that the enemy cannot see it either.

    I think it is called an ostrich.

    But anyway if you want to deny justice …. go ahead …. save your job … save your career … and let an innocent soul wonders in the jail cell for years.

    Out of all the injusticity ……. this is just another one …. i can tell you of another thousand example of injusticity.

    If you cannot beat them …. join them.

    Let’s celebrate a world of injusticity. Cheers …..

  5. Democracy the Umno-putras way. The whole world uses this word proudly. Mugabe has his interpretation of it, and here we have ours. BN democracy is ” my way or the highway” Mr Karpal did the people proud by putting forward his demand only to get this “given” answer. So, NOW where is Mr RUDD, his definition of democracy in Malaysia is…bla..bla…bla..
    In Sweden, a very popular minister misused her party credit of RM 15.00 and she forgot to pay it back, she had to resign.
    Here we have a murderer now only doing as he like BUT strongly protected by the BN-putras “DEMOCRACY”. And of course, not forgetting, the boys from Lingam , IGP, AG etc..etc all still free and pocketing as much as they can from the poor tax payers.
    This is the way of the BN this is their “DEMOCRACY”.

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