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Malaysian inflation rate hits 7.7 percent for June, a 26 year high. The high rate is because of the fuel increase of 41%. But I thought the increased food prices also contributed to this high figure. Whatever it is the people must thank the Finance Minister, Badawi and of course Nor Mohamed Yakcop the second Finance Minister, for a performance well done.

It is here I miss the absence of Toyo the ex Menteri Besar of Selangor. He had a unique way to show appreciation of the work done and was happy to present the broom when it was deserved. He made a fanfare about the presentation, and this was duly noted in the annals of history.

We cannot treat economic experts like Badawi and Yakcob in the same way, where is our sense of fair play. They have, I am sure done their best.

All suggestions are welcome.

Incidentally can they bring back the RM 500 notes, RM 100 is getting smaller.

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