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What is this pipe dream, Toyo has. He wants to see Abdullah, (former premier) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, (deputy premier) Najib Abdul Razak, (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Aziz Nik Mat, (Anwar’s wife and PKR president) Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail) and (PAS president) Abdul Hadi Awang seated at the same table.

Now, you will note that, Anwar has been left out of this elite group, although his wife is included. Anwar, as Toyo says, is supported by extremist Chinese and Indians through DAP and Hindraf. He should mind his words, he is implying that all Chinese and Indians who voted Pakatan Rakyat are extremists. He is surprised why the Chinese and Indians voted the opposition – they hated Barisan Nasional with a vehemence which Toyo will never understand, the unjust rule of Barisan Nasional for decades, made them sick and being apprehensive of the future wanted a change and rightly voted in the opposition. Toyo was one of the reasons, corruption, helping his cronies, destroying temples, and the rape of the environment, were under his account and I am surprised he goes around without a care in the world and without a conscience. I suppose it is asking him too much, he is a politician isn’t he.

Now back to the dream of his. The sun may rise in the west but this would not happen. Mahathir has dug a grave, deeper than the proverbial six feet for his nemesis Badawi and is just waiting for the latter to be buried and he waits to shovel the earth to end his hatred for the Prime Minster.

Badawi on the other hand has not taken any serious measures to defend himself, mindful that Mahathir is a just hot air which will turn cold on hitting the atmosphere.

Najib is squirming, nervous where his loyalty lies, with the ex Prime Minister, who supports him but lately showing impatience with his inactivity, or the present boss who holds him in a tight vice. What a pathetic situation to be in.

As for Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang, both are uncomfortable with one another, after the present overture of PAS and UMNO for a muzakarah or dialogue.

The lady Wan Azizah, a perfect gentlewomen may be the only one, who if all these politicians get together, may grace the table with a smile but with the husband out it would be a gesture without being happy.

So Toyo keep on dreaming, your pipe dream is dead even before it can begin.


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  1. These UMNO putras are still in their dreamland. They just too dumb and stupid to understand why people voted them out. NOT because you are malay but becuase you corrupt right to your bone. This Toyo dog started barking again because of the upcoming UMNO election.

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