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Yes it appears so. No accounts are shown for Petronas profits as this is for the personal use of the Prime Minister. With the announcement that Petronas is giving RM 6 billion to the Government it was hoped this amount will be spend to alleviate the burden of increased fuel price and food. No it is not to be, the greedy Prime Minister wants it for subsidy payment, and other Government projects, including health and education. A token sum will be given for health and education, the balance will go to projects which in turn will go to the UMNOputras to ensure Badawi wins the election in December.

Somebody suggested in a letter to Malaysiakini, that the people stop paying income tax for this year. Perhaps then the Government will wake up from its deep slumber and alleviate the difficulties of the people.

Special RM6 Bln Dividend Will Be Used For Govt’s Higher Expenditure This Year ::

Special RM6 Bln Dividend Will Be Used For Govt’s Higher Expenditure This Year

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 (Bernama) — The special dividend of RM6 billion announced by Petronas but yet to be given to the government as its stakeholder, will be used to help with the government’s increased expenditure this year such as for its subsidy payment and other government projects, said Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

This year, subsidy will be one of the biggest payments, maybe close to RM30 billion and above RM25 bilion and the RM6 billion from Petronas will be used by the government to manage its expenses, he said.

The special dividend is not given to any specific sector but entered into a consolidated fund and utilised for projects, subsidies, and the financing of education and health, he said.

Nor Mohamed was speaking to reporters after the launch of Perwaja Holdings Bhd’s prospectus here Monday.

“The money is not in yet but that is not an issue. The dividends we receive from Petronas will be also given in stages,” he said.


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