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Karpal Singh, a real King in the midst of our lawyers, wants Najib and PI Balasubramaniam to attend the Altantuya case. He has filed an application.

There can a thousand and one legal issues that makes it necessary and as usual it will be denied by some clever Judge, who as predicted, would want to be in the good books of whoever in power, and he may not want to rub the powers to be in the wrong way. Our legal history has many downtrodden judges who wanted to do their duty.

Case closed.

Najib, for all we know is innocence. He has used the Koran, God (I can’t use Allah can I) and having gone to this extend who would want to doubt his innocence.

But despite his assurances, the world, and the people of Malaysia would like to have something to hold on to solid and say to the face of any ungrateful person, look here our Deputy Prime Minister is a jewel.

There is so much of gossip, innuendos, whispers, I said so smiles, and these chaps are just scums trying to bring down a noble person. I don’t think so Najib should go through all these.

Najib knows the Police, the Judges and of course our worthy Attorney-General are men of integrity who are comparable to any other person of the same capacity in the world. There is no question of dereliction of duty.

Therefore to prove a point his officers are beyond compare and to tell the people and the world, that they are so, and also that he is innocent, is it not justified that he appears in court and thereafter brag, I know my boys.

If he does not, is something wrong with our legal system which I am sure Najib would put it right. If not for Najib who else can do it, Badawi?

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  1. Section 425 of the Criminal Procedure Code gave the Court a wide discretion to call any witnesses not call earlier or recall any witness as to ensure justice is being served . Infact , the trial judge himself could summoned any witnesses at any stage of the proceedings .

    The BIG QUESTION is whether the trial judge in that particular case would take it upon himself to use that section to recall Bala or to call the DPM even without Karpal making the application !


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