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This is another attempt to revive Proton by Muhyiddin. As it stands the future is bleak for Proton and a saviour is required to pull back the car company slowly disintegrating into oblivion.

25 years ago, people clamoured for Proton cars, then it was a national car, cheap, foreign cars had a high tax making it unaffordable,  and people felt good that Malaysia is advancing in the automobile industry. All those good feelings have gone into thin air over the years. The quality of the local car is bad, Proton never did improve, and many who bought a Proton vowed not to go near the car again.

Even after 25 years Proton is unable to produce a car without minor defects like rattling in the dash board, faulty windows, odd noise coming from somewhere, and cheap materials being used. Where once every other car was a Proton, this trend is changing, and seeing a Proton may be a sight to see in the future.

Proton was depending on the nationalistic feeling of people to get orders, but once bitten twice shy, people just don’t trust Proton anymore.

Muhyiddin should just stop talking of overseas markets, Thailand was a late starter, but now they control supply to Asean countries. At one point of time, Proton cars were exported to England, and the quality was enhanced to meet European standards, some years back I was offered a Proton returned from England and I did not accept the offer, and went for a Japanese car.

The deal with Volkswagen nearly went through, but there were concerns the local bosses of Proton would lost out, and a foreign partner would control the company. The same old story of cronyism, family connections, came into play, and siting that Volkswagen wanted 51% partnership, the deal was called off. It was the decision of Proton chaps who will miss out if they can’t dictate how the company is to be run. Volkswagen knows what they are in for.

This zero defect sales is a dupe, as long as sub-standard materials are used in the car; it will take a long time before consumers can be comfortable in buying a Proton car.

Only today the papers announced that the Terengganu government considers, Proton Perdana as unsafe and difficult to maintain, and they are switching to Mercedes cars. Muhyiddin should speak to the Mentri Besar so as to salvage the name of Proton.

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  1. There’s no comparison between Mercedes & Proton. That’s a red herring which the BN looters in Terengganu have thrown at us withour a care or damn! Those who voted pro-BN in March – now you know where all our oil money has been wasted – membazirkan!! Next time around vote wisely!

    We need a clear direction for Proton and that cannot be denied. Many in M’sia were fooled into thinking that Proton had turned the corner with a profit of $202 million the last Quarter. But that profit included an incredible $192 million Govt Grant and most of the remaining ‘profit’ was made up of adjustments to Deferred Tax!

    So, operationally, Proton is still pretty much bleeding.

    If we need to give 51% Share AND Management control to VW or BMW or someone else, let’s bite the bullet and take the right step forward. When Proton is on a firm footing in say, 5 years time, there will be nothing to stop Proton or Khazanah from buying back a successful,flying Proton, albeit at a premium. But then, there is no free lunch. Such an arrangement can be worked in advance into any agreement with a foreign buyer, and give us an opportunity to salvage National Pride.

    This is infinitely a better approach to resolving Proton’s shaky future, than to plumb for false patriotism, and eventually burdening Petronas, the perennial whipping boy, EPF, Khazanah or Govt Pensioners’ Fund etc with another massive BAIL OUT, and lie to the People that petrol prices have to be iincreased because we cannot afford the subsidy!

    Of course, top Management and staff at Proton will face a shake up and there will have to be a VSS to make it a lean and mean fighting outfit. But, a gentle & humane approach with fair compensation schemes will take care of their future so that we DON’Tjust dump our fellow citizens like carcass in cess pits.

    There is no gain without pain and Khazanah etc will be much better off in the medium to long-term taking a reality check then to continue buildind castles in the air and wiping out our National Reserves !!

  2. The biggest joke today is that Trengganu Exco does not beleive that Proton is good enough.
    While the pemerentah ask the rakyat to be frugal, the pemerentah is having a shopping spree.

  3. Ha see how BN spend taxpayers money for their confort…

    hei BN
    Aku tak redha dunia dan akhirat kau org guna duit cukai yg aku bayar utk keseronokan kamu..
    Kamu tak bayar cukai satu sen pun….senang senang guna duit aku beli kereta mewah….binatang bangsat..

    Aku amanahkan duit cukai yg aku bayar utk dikembalikan kpd aku dan org miskin yg sekarang susah kerana kau org naikkan harga minyak dan barang…
    Ya Allah Yg Maha Esa ..perkenankan doa hambamu yg lemah ini..jahanamkan org BN dan ketuanya (PakLah) juga suku-sakat dan kaum kelurganya yg tidak pernah syukur pd MU Ya Allah..

  4. one now get to see more proton in the workshops and second hand car showrooms than on the road!

  5. Hi David,

    Not only our national car has become of mediocre quality ,our school education system too,our universities too,our civil service too,our judiciary too,our police force too what not?

    What to expect from a govt system which has earned the dubious distinction of punishing brilliant students with excellent academic achievements and rewarding mediocre students all in the name of race,religion and the infamous`ketuanan melayu’?

  6. Is muhyiddin using a proton?

  7. get proton scrapped, only loosing rakyat tax money.

  8. Pak Lah kalau bijak memilih orang yang bijak utk mengurus PROTON banyak kelemahan proton hari ni tak akan berlaku. Kalau asyik tidur ja, suruh guna kereta lembu ja lah. Poorrrah!!!!!!!!

    Pak Lah ni macam beruk diberikan bunga……..

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    I bought a Proton Saga Aeroback back in 1995. My very first car and when I took delivery of the car, I had only used up all my savings and left only RM68 in my bank account. Also, dealer billed me accesories (sticker, tyre sealant foam, etc) without me knowing and cost me RM1000++ for unwanted items.

    The very first day it gave me problems. The boot was faulty. It would not stay opened. Then power window broke after 6 months. Exhaust pipe broke after 8 months. Window visor broke while driving in Federal Highway after 1 year. Dash board is still vibrating, like the day I tooks delivery of my blood and sweat first car. When it rains, water seaps into the car. I turn the volume of the radio very high ‘cos it is very noisy (can’t hear what DJ was mumbling if volume is lower).

    Yes, I felt Proton did fleeced me. Would I buy Proton cars again?

    I support local car industry and they sold me a piece of junk.

  9. BN do not trust Proton but they want everyone else but themself own proton car. Don’t you think it is interesting.

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