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I hate to undermine the efforts of Ministers, trying to improve our delivery system, as whatever action that is taken is supposed to be done after, much study, planning, anticipating weakness, etc etc. Once a decision is made, since enough time was spent in planning it, the new system should work well.

Look at this white card to be introduced by Immigration after August 15. A no white card was introduced in November last year, but as per the Minister’s information this was cancelled to ensure record and for the own safety of visitors. Is it then from November last the immigration records are doubtful, and visitors were in jeopardy as far as safety is concerned. Why can’t the Minister be honest to tell us why the earlier system failed.

I can’t help but rubbing it in, maybe Altantuya’s record with the Immigration department could have been there if these cards had been used. Only Hamid knows.

The New Straits Times Online……..


The Disembarkation Card IMM26 or white card that will be used once again effective Aug 15 will be a much simpler one for the convenience of visitors to the country.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the card had been made much simpler so that it would be easier for visitors to fill.

He was speaking to reporters after officiating at a ‘A Day with the Civil Defence Department’ programme at Felda Air Tawar 3 here today.

He said the re-introduction of the white card which was supposed to be enforced last Thursday was postponed as the Immigration Department had to finalise details on the card and ensure that every entry/exit point had enough supply of the card.

He denied that the card was only meant for Singaporeans coming into the country through the Johor Causeway, saying that every visitor would be required to fill it as practised in almost every country in the world.
Asked the reason for re-introducing the white card, Syed Hamid said the police found it useful for maintaining records of visitors to the country.

He said many visitors were surprised when they found that Malaysia did not require them to fill a form upon arriving here.

He said they did not mind filling the form for record purposes and for their own safety as well.

The government decided to abolish the use of the white card at all entry/exit points in the country effective November last year in line with the development of immigration control measures under the Malaysian Immigration System (SIM).

However, at checkpoints that do not have the SIM facility, the requirement to fill up this card still exists. — BERNAMA


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