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There they go again. The last time it was Muslim women wearing lipstick and high heel shoes. This time it is non-Muslim women scantily dressed. But unfortunately these so called scantily dressed women are from a Chinese Taoist group and so can we assume PAS has become the Religious Police for all religions, Christianity, Hinduism etc. Wow, all the religious teachers, the preachers, priests, of all other religion excluding Muslim ones are going to be unemployed. Perhaps PAS will start a fund for all these unemployed and displaced religious leaders.

Whatever it may be, the only weakness PAS exhibits is they inability to teach, instil, practice Muslim religious principles among their own group. I think it is just a logistics problem, a shortage of man power, now that the enforcement goes beyond Islam to cover other religions as well. Given time and more enforcers, all Muslims in Kelantan will be taught and what happened in Pasir Mas will be a thing of the past.

Bid to ensure temple concert watched only by non-Muslims

PASIR MAS: Organisers of a concert held as part of the celebrations at a small Taoist temple here were told to “cover up” so that the shows were only watched by non-Muslims.

Apparently, some Muslim men and women had been seen among the audience on Tuesday, the first night of the two-day concert with male and female artistes, and the district council was informed about it.

On Wednesday night, the council sent officers to prevent Muslims from watching the shows and told the organisers to put up a curtain to block the view of passers-by.

The event, to celebrate the birthday of the Gods, was held with an outdoor community concert organised by members of the Tao Tin Hu Keng Association.

MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai, who was here for another function, said some people would interpret the action of the council as distasteful as it was only a two-day religious festival.

He said many such events were held at temples previously and no action were taken by the authorities.

In the incident, although the organisers received a permit, the local council found that they were flouting guidelines by allowing Muslims to view performances by female artistes, some of whom were “sexily” dressed.

Local Government Committee chairman Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the guidelines on outdoor performances clearly stated that female artistes were barred from performing. He said that although the concert was within the temple compound, it was held in an open space where others could watch.

He said any permit given by the local authorities were subjected to the same bylaws and should be respected by all.

State Gerakan chairman Datuk Ng Chiang Chin, whose house is in front of the temple, said it was the second time that a religious celebration at a temple was disrupted.


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  1. if they believe that by watching the show alone muslims will go ‘crazy’ or convert into taoism, then they really live in a very funny world.

    that’s y i said,

    Believing in ‘Islam’ Would Make You Stupid and Vulnerable?

    Malaysian Men Banned From Non-OIC Countries

    i thought they said that living in an islamic state WILL NOT affect the rights of minorities?? if muslims dont like/cant stand female artists, surely the non-muslims have the freedom to watch whatever they like???

    oh, i forgot the ‘caveat’ – non-muslims have freedom to live their own lives n not subject to islamic laws PROVIDED it doesn’t ‘interfere with’ or ‘threaten’ islam.

    ‘interfere with’ n ‘threaten’ BOTH interpreted by the islamic government. GOTCHA, DHIMMIS!!!!!!!!

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