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I read what the Star had said about this incident, and the reply given by Khalid the Mentri Besar. Obviously Star failed to mention the following,

  • It was a dispute about a place of worship, nothing about a surau was mentioned.
  • No one is sure who originated the construction
  • There was no permit
  • The residents wanted a children’s playground and not another surau
  • The name of the assailant is Azam
  • The project is put on hold for further consultation with the people

I don’t see why Star must be paranoid not to report the issue as it stood. In any case the matter will come out and even if it is about a surau, what is wrong in people knowing about it. Somebody has done ground breaking ceremony without proper permit, it is wrong whether it is a surau, temple or church. The people were not happy, why was not something done to talk to them, rather than proceed with the ground breaking – is it because PKR is involved and there would be no problem. Did not the previous Mentri Besar did all these without worry about the welfare of the people.

Any way my posting  reads as follows. The Star report is at

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had better be careful if he wants to treat the incident that involved PKR Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne as an internal matter. Anwar Ibrahim is in a precarious situation of having to give DNA and was arrested all because he trusted his aid beyond normal expectancy. If Khalid treats this assault case as an internal dispute, I won’t be surprised if all assistants of PKR politicians will, I dare say, commit various types of irregularities, and as Khalid has set a precedence, use the same argument that it is an internal matter. Assistants must behave like assistants you cannot assault a MP and get away with it. If Khalid had been slapped by another assistant, would he say the offender is young and perhaps wanted to know what happens when he slaps a Mentri Besar. Come on Khalid, you were a CEO and if you had decided on a matter of wrong with a calm remark like ‘internal matter’ you would be laughed at and your position will be ridiculed. Show discipline.

I can see why you perceive this matter light; it involves your political secretary, but sentiments aside, are you doing the right thing. Remember your Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri, another PKR man whom you said had no case to answer, and would have carried on as usual in spite of the using of your letter head and the garbage collecting mystery, if not for the information of the ACA. You cannot play partisan politic in Pakatan Rakyat. A mistake is a mistake and the man must be punished.

Difference of opinion can exist, but it should be verbal. When it comes to fists and this in the presence of the public, the reputation of PKR goes down a few notches.

Sorry to say your philosophy of that it is all right that party members are involved in the field with the people and better understanding is achieved between the leaders and people is just pure bunkum. Take the easy and right way out, punish the Mike Tyson, it will be a lesson for others, and you would have set a good example.

As to the root of the problem, building a place of worship, are you not taking action as somebody has built it without approval from the local authorities. Are you just going to push it under the carpet with your valuable advice, ‘construction of all places of worship must obtain approval from the respective local authorities.’

Two mistakes in a day, and for a Menteri Besar, this may not look good. BN politicians are already at your throat for this incident.

I don’t see much difference from you and Toyo.



  1. This Star MSM is pathetic.

    Why take a jibe at Anwar’s Sodomy with every possible opportunity.

    This new got nothing to do with Sodomy lah.

    It’s aide and not AID lah.

    Might as well caution Najis about Izzam as aide too.

    Really one sided.

  2. Hi IZZIT

    Do you think that Anwar’s sodomy case will just go away even if I don’t mention it. It will linger on quite for some time. The news is tied up with another aide (thanks for pointing out the mistake), and hence the built up.

    I wish you will elaborate why it is an one sided issue.

  3. I hope the mentri besar will be man enough to reprimand the aide.A police report is merely not sufficient.How can the MB dismiss this disgraceful act as an `internal matter’ when the whole episode took place under the nose of the public.Infact being in the same party has brought more shame to the MB and the pakatan govt.Opening up more space for the rotten BN’s criticism.

    I am preety sure it wont be too long before the Khir Toyo fella takes a pot shot at the MB and PKR with regards to this incident.Looks like these politicians are all of the same breed,always trying to cover up and sweep things under the carpet.Do the rakyat deserve all these?

  4. This is highly dissapointing. The MB of Selangor is treating the issue like some trivial matter when clearly it is not. It happened in public and involved an aide who had absolutely no business giving into his inability to behave like a professional. What statement was he trying to make by behaving like a violent hooligan? What are the public supposed to think, especially when they are told that the MB has brushed the issue aside as an “internal matter”.

    It is a good thing though, that although the MP in question has accepted the belated apology by the hooligan in question, he has said he will not withdraw the police report as he wants a message to be sent out.

    This Azam fellow needs to be taught a lesson, one which the MB of Selganor seems reluctant to teach him. So, good, let the police report stand and maybe in the future this Azam fellow, and others like him, will think ten times before they resort to hooliganism.

    Is there an element of racism involved in this? ONe has to ask, given that we have been reduced to a country where racism seems to be widely practiced.

    The MB of Selangor may be many things, but a man who deals with issues on a no-nonsense basis does not seem to be one of them.

  5. Me thinks that your views are spot on. Please refer to the postings at Malaysia wave on the same incident, the guy there obviously doesn’t get it. Me thinks maybe you can give a fair comment over there

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