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What a relief, there is still Karpal here who can admonish the leaders and advise them not to volunteer unsolicited comments on the alleged sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim. As an old timer my thoughts go back to the Ipoh Seenivasagam brothers in the fifties, exemplary lawyers who brooked no nonsense when legal matters are concerned.

Karpal in his first argument says that the Prime Minister has no say in how the results of the investigation should go, this is purely between the Police and the Attorney-General. As a layman if the Prime Minister gets involved then the Police and the Attorney-General are influenced and indirectly directed by the comments and therefore are not allowed to make their own decisions. Simply it means let the Police and Attorney-General do their work.

Even the comments by the Prime Minister that the DNA samples are old, is out of context as experts say no change will take place in your DNA after many years.

At one stage when Anwar was in custody, I read that the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said that the PKR de facto leader may have to stay overnight in custody. The first impression was the Home Minister was leading the investigation and not the Police. True enough, although the Police had agreed to release him the same day, at the last moment he was told he is being detained over night. The next morning after a short interrogation he was released.

Karpal has also taught Hamid an elementary requirement of obtaining DNA is left to the discretion of the person arrested.

I hope the leaders don’t make statements that are contradictory.

Let cops decide, so shut up Pak Lah!

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