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President of the Bar Council S Ambiga has expressed disappointment over the number of lawyers being summoned for questioning in relation to missing private investigator P Balasubramaniam.

Ambiga added, this was an attempt by Police to intimate lawyers into giving confidential information.

The three lawyers involved are M Puravalan, Americk Singh Sidhu and N Surendran.

M Puravalan had represented Balasubramaniam in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial. Bala is now alleged missing with his children and wife.

M Puravalan said he had declined to respond to questions contradictory to his professional relationship with his clients.

The three lawyers must be congratulated for being professional, and did not succumb to the line of questioning of the Police.

Something is fishy in here. Bernama news on July 9 reported Bukit Aman CID Chief Mohd Bakri Zinin had said, he had traced the whereabouts of Bala, and police officers had been dispatched to record his statement. Zinin refused to divulge the country Bala is in.

So, if Police know where Bala is, was it not superfluous to go after a relative, a nephew of Bala, Kumaresan, or even the lawyers to reveal the whereabouts of Bala.

Some thing stinks to high heaven, or as my grandson will say, ‘who tell truth and who bluff’.

Zinin is involved deeply in the case of Anwar’s arrest, a phenomenon of concern and doubt of the people with the Police action. In the case of Raja Petra of Malaysia Today, it was shoot the messenger leave the message alone. Don’t you think it is fair that people desire for better Police officers.


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  1. Ambiga added, this was an attempt by Police to intimate lawyers into giving confidential information

    Peguam tidak kebal dengan undang2, mesti dilayan sama seperti orang lain dalam had dan peraturan tertentu, dan dipanggil ke balai polis untuk disasat bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik untuk bekerjasama dan menjelaskan beberapa perkara yang perlu.

    Ambiga jangan berlagak seperti sultan dan raja, kalau perlu pinda peraturan dan perlembagaan, kerajaan harus berbuat demikian demi mengelakkan peguam bertopengkan undang2 dan berpolitik dalam kerjaya mereka.

    Tidak ada sesiapa yang mengatasi undang2 selepas PRU12 terutamanya, rakyat sudah memberi tanda isyarat, ‘its enough for you guy’

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