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A gloom settled over me as I read the Malaysiakini article on the King Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, defiant, insisting he is right, and the devil may care attitude that whatever that is meted out will not strangle his spirit.

There is the wife Marina Lee Abdullah, caring to worry what if RPK refuses to post bail as he did the last time.

This is a one mans fight against a Government, and would appear like facing a well trained army fully equipped and there a single man unarmed rushing and hollering truth will prevail. How many good citizens of this country dare to do this. I suppose it is not because people don’t value truth, but caught in a predicament of uselessness as to what good can an individual do. RPK has gone through hell, he has been detained, seen what Police can do to you, and the zeal of our uniformed law enforcers to make a person who diverts himself from the norm to be put right, in their language at least.

Going through the mill, as they say, has made RPK resilient and he decides he must carry on till the end to uphold his conviction of speaking the truth. His moral is high.

Bloggers can blog and scream to high heaven injustice is being done, but things remain the same and the status quo is maintained. The only opportunity for change comes like in the recent elections, but once this is over, those in power have the license to perpetuate their own agenda and only think of the people when another election is nearing, for new promises, and new approaches to problems, whereas in the interim period of ruling it is I know what is good for the people.

Of course every one wants to do his part to ensure we have a good Government, but sadly one cannot do much if the Government has its own will to do things which they claim is good for the people. Elections must come more often, and although it is claimed the politicians are servants to the people, for without them they wont be where they are, this four or five years interval causes the Politicians to be lethargic unmindful of the peoples need but enough to satisfy their own desires. Shorter intervals between elections will keep politicians on their toes.

Our thoughts will be with RPK as he goes through the ordeal, wish him the best and keep writing to give him moral strength to undertake the lonely path of seeking the truth.

Raja Petra in ‘mood to fight’

Raja Petra in ‘mood to fight’
Jul 17, 08 10:30am

Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin said that he was ready for his day in court as he arrived at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters this morning.

He is expected to charged with criminal defamation in relation to allegations in his statutory declaration that implicated Rosmah Mansor – wife of deputy premier Najib Abdul Razak – in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu

raja petra and judiciary court lawAccompanied by two lawyers and his wife, Raja Petra said he was in the mood to fight.

“I’m in the mood to f*** the government. What more do you want me to say?”

Raja Petra and his lawyers went into to police headquarters at 10am.

His wife, Marina Lee Abudullah, is worried that Raja Petra would decide not to pay bail and decide to be held under police custody.

“This is a bailable offence. I hope he does not surprise me again and do not take bail.”

Two months ago when Raja Petra was charged with sedition for publishing an allegedly seditious article entitled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ in his Malaysia Today website, he refused to post bail.

He was eventually released from Sungai Buloh prison after bail was posted three days.

[More to follow]



  1. I agree with you. The predicament Malaysians now have is something major and almost all of us are lost in direction. When you have a government and leaders turned to be masters of their citizens, just and fairness will be things of past.
    It is so unfortunate we Malaysians have been trapped into this condition and unless we stand up against injustices on anyone be it Anwar, Raja Petra or Salleh Abas we may not see the practice of rule of law in Malaysia

  2. RPK, the people are behind you. “Pecahkan Segala Rahsia”. Blast the government with your C4!

  3. Malaysians are Doomed? Rakyat Malaysia Pupus?

    Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Ask your children.)

    Jeyklls dan Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah anda? (Tanyalah anak-anak anda).

    Posted at

  4. Dear RPK.
    Go on fighting…all rakyat and myself alway pray for u….go on and expose all the wrong doing of BN goverment….

    May Allah The Al-Mighty always with u….aminnnn.

  5. All I can say is, “I take my hate to this brave man.” It reminds me of the young Chinese man who stood in front of a convoy of tanks when China then was beginning to understand Democracy. I always believe, you can wound his flesh but, you cannot destroy his WILL and SPIRIT.
    You can never make these BN goons, understand the finer parts of a fighter!…they do not possess these sort of fine qualities!

  6. It is sad to experience this delima of Malaysian politicts at it worst. RPK hats off to you for fighting to the end which no one else is willing to stand for since the concenquences could be dreadful or even fatel as prooven so far knowing the ones in power are calling the shots from the back door and claming not knowing what the police is doing he’s shooting blank bullets & he & his beloved “Dotty” is having sleepness nights. All that wealth cannot save them since their back yard stinks like hell. HIs aim to be PM will make the rakyat’s Nightmare into “Doomsday” period!!!!! ALL HELL’S GONNA BREAK LOOSE!!!

    RPK God Bless you and I fervently believe Spiritual intervention will be there for your safety. We the people are with you and like Azisirikit said, “Blast them with YOUR C4” All the Best my friend!

  7. Dear RPK,
    Hats of to u sir. We Malaysians who seek justice are proud of you.
    I wish I had the guts like you. Let the world know the truth,
    May God Bless U Sir.

  8. Hello Boss, (RPK)
    I so proud with you who fight for justice !!!.
    Keluarkan semua C4 X2 yang ada….. Let the world know the truth…
    May God Bless U Boss….

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