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Federal CID director Mohd Bakri Zinin, met his match in Param Cumarasamy a former United Nations special rapporteur. Zinin’s reason that he believed Anwar won’t show up is bull according to Param. Anwar was arrested on his way to the house at 1 PM, an hour before the appointment at 2 PM. One jokes about Malaysian time alluding to the normal delay for appointments made by quite a number of our dignitaries. I have, nothing about a little bird twittering in my ear, only reserved for senior bloggers like Raja Petra, Jeff Ooi and Anil Netto; my information comes from published sources like Malaysiakini, which I treat as my main source of information and of course the various MSM the Star, and the Straits Times though their contents are suspect as to what is really happening. Talking about Malaysian time it is verified that our Prime Minister Badawi has this malady. In fact he should be in the middle of the action relating to the arrest of Anwar but notice he had left it to Zinin and Hamid to guard the fort, and our PM is miles away from the main scene.

Perhaps, Zinin knew Anwar would come in late, and what better precaution could he take, Malaysian time is one, Anwar taking a helicopter ride somewhat the second, he had his people ready at a junction near Anwar’s house to nab the would be fugitive. I read a lot of vehicles and men in hoods were present for the onslaught, just to arrest one person, but, if this is not a pre-planned act, immaterial as to whether Anwar presents himself at 2 PM or not, what more can I say. Even in these adverse conditions, one takes pride in the alertness of our men of security, they are ever ready.

Besides all the reasons referred to above, I cannot dismiss the notion that Zinin may have clairvoyant abilities to predict the future – you know something like a third eye, if it be so, then let us not blame Zinin at least now, one cannot blame the tool but the user for his inexperience. Let us be gracious and give him time to learn.

Zinin is very low in the rung of power and authority, perhaps all this doings are not his own bidding. Let us call over to our Home Minister Hamid, the son of a lion, what has Param got to say about him.

Param also took a swipe at Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar for condoning the police’s action by saying, ‘It doesn’t matter when they arrested as they needed to have his statement…’

syed hamid albar“Obviously the minister had no regard for the integrity of the conduct of police officers when carrying out investigations,” he said.

According to Param, the minister’s comments were akin to former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s ‘reckless’ public statement on Sept 30, 1998 that Anwar’s ‘black-eye’ injuries could have been self-inflicted.

LOL, that is laughing our loud, something my very junior computer geek taught me, Hamid seems to say, Anwar must be arrested, what are you fellows grumbling as to when and how, we do this every day, nobody dare complain. This coming from our Home Minister is a bit worrying. He is already unpopular with his Police road blocks for 3 days, and this he did because of some unverified blog entry and some messages, now with this Anwar affair he has more explanations to give. One thing is certain he does not believe in clairvoyance but unverified sources of information. He seems better than Zinin.


  1. Remember the movie ” Minority Report”

    The had the system installed .. 🙂 they can predict things to happen ? and act in advance before you have commited any crime 🙂

    Police crab, and the Syed home minister is an mother of idiot.

  2. I came back from a petrol station juz now and heard an old song TOYOL. Reminds me of him, KEPALANYA BOTAK, MATANYA TERBELIAK. That was one of the lyric. Similar to him in term of appearance and attitude.

    By the way, maybe he could give the number that would come out in foreign lottery so all Malaysian can be rich. Malaysia lottery dont want coz Malaysia company will go bankrupt. Foreign lottery ok TOYOL.

  3. We can go to your house personally as ministers’ house can be visited by anyone having problem right? We Malaysian having problem right now. Not enough money!!! Everything goes up. Can come eh? Anytime right?

  4. Albar oh Albar, insaflah sekarang sebelum lambat, nanti PR jadi federal govt, engkau la yg kena masuk lockup!

  5. Just want to ask a question.
    Can DSAI go to court to compel the police to extend him a copy of the police report against him?
    The IGP, the Home Minister,the Prime Minister,the DPM and a slew of BN Parliamentarians have publicly declared that the investigation will be conducted in a professional manner….is this professional?THE RAKYAT SAYS NO!!!

  6. Well, when you are slapped with a RM100 million suit, when else and what else but PERSONAL VENDETTA !

  7. Fairdinkum ,
    our home minister syed hamid resembles Blofeld the nemesis in
    Ian Flemings famous novel James Bond saga, whatelse is there to say of him.

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