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Najib: It’s Dr M’s personal opinion

I wish I am called the best father in the world. I can pretend to be one, look myself in the mirror and repeat ‘I am the best father’ and so on, but that is only my perspective, and a one sided one. The ones to decide are my children and my wife and of course my family. I can delude myself, my family won’t object, but heart to heart they will know whether I am good or not.

That is the predicament of Najib, who has been categorised as a weak leader, with no outstanding record, and one who does not stand on his own feet.

Funny I thought, instead of castigating Mahathir for his comments, Najib throws the ball at the UMNO supreme council, and he wants to assure every one he is for the party and country.

Surprisingly Mahathir made the statement to make Najib, come forward and fight, after all there is no love lost between Mahathir and Muhyiddin. Najib just could not take the clue.

Najib: It’s Dr M’s personal opinion

Najib: It’s Dr M’s personal opinion
Jul 16, 08 9:12pm

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s opinion that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is a weak leader who does not have his own stand is just a personal opinion, said the latter.

najib tun razakHe said whatever the opinion expressed against him, he had an outstanding record and always gave priority to the people’s interests.

“Look at my track record. I am not neglecting the people’s interests,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Najib was speaking to reporters after a meeting with Kedah Umno divisional leaders and the state Umno liaison committee.

Transition of power

He said the decision to accept the plan on the transition of power from Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to him was a decision accepted by the Umno supreme council.

“It was not a decision reached between me and Pak Lah (Abdullah) but it was a plan accepted by the Umno Supreme Council,” said Najib, who is Umno deputy president.

He said a party leader should ensure that whatever he did should be in the best interests of the party and country.

mahathir mohamad 07″We have to place our trust in the future leadership of the party and the plan for transition of power was formalised to ensure an orderly and organised leadership,” he said.

Yesterday, Mahathir had said that Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin had a chance of beating Najib in a contest for the post of Umno deputy president in the party elections in December.

The former premier also said that people perceived Najib as a weak leader who had never had his own stand.

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  1. I agree with Tun Dr Mahathir’s opinion about Najib.

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