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Any student of law will know this. Anwar Ibrahim has lodged a report against the Inspector General Of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, and the Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patel that they fabricated evidence in the “Black Eye” investigation of 1999. The investigations have not been concluded as Anwar just gave his statement today. So these two are interested parties who as human, would like Anwar to be castigated. Did anybody think about this. Why are these two people involved, in Anwar’s case. Can anybody object. Surely there are others who can deputise for the IGP and AG. Then justice can be seen done. Otherwise it is just a scam.

Anuar Allegations Against IGP And AG

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  1. […] July 17, 2008 at 10:11 am · Filed under Musa Hassan’s Case ·Tagged Anwar, Musa Hassan, Sodomy, Tarnishing Of Image Musa Hassan, the Inspector General Of Police says he will consult his lawyers on his next course of action, now that Anwar Ibrahim has not apologised within the 48 hours as demanded. It is a bit trickier here, The IGP is in charge of the investigation of the sodomy case against Anwar, and this he does under his official capacity, but if the IGP sues Anwar for tarnishing of the IGP’s image this would entail in his personal capacity. Then he would be wearing two caps. Read this. […]

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