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The people are baffled on the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim today, and Raja Petra Kamarudin, who will be charged tomorrow. What is most frightening is Anwar is no ordinary bloke and if it was necessary to have hooded Police personal to arrest him, where does the man in the street stand. The fear of Police is one thing the country does not require, even a single Policeman is enough to arrest a man, you don’t have to send a battalion. Fortunately our country is not a Police state, but interested parties like our DPM, the fourth floor boys, the PM himself, and of course the Police intend to put the fear of God against those who venture to question the right and wrongs of our high placed politicians. All this manoeuvres only tend to gain the hatred and animosity of the people.

Arrest them, if you may, but don’t dramatise the arrests, the whole world knows what is happening within a few hours after the arrest.

Statement By Bar Council-Anwar Even the Bar council feels strongly, about the arrest. There is the sad episode of the year 1998, and this experience is relived again. I am surprised that Badawi has not made any comments yet. But Khairi the SIL is more worried about DNA. Is SIL teaching the Police what to do.

Now it is very clear why the people had to suffer for a couple of days in the sweltering heat because of Police road blocks; was this a prelude as to what would happen today. Only Hamid can reply.

Come Prime Minister, do something and show you are the boss and not the Police. Chastise them in public to show you are our leader.



  1. Not only the Bar council, other NGOs too have to play a important role to let the Barisan Government and the Police especially to act in a matured manner. Don’t play as what we see in Holywood movies. There were so many cases was not stteled and no arrest was made. Why they wrer in a hurry in this particular case.

  2. SEmua orang sama saja di sisi undang-undang baik yang menuduh atau yang tertuduh. Bezanya kali ini para penyokong DSAI seperti hilang akal, seperti menganggap DSAI maksum, dan tiada cacat celanya. Hebat nya majlis Peguam, yang tertuduh dibela dan ditatang, yang menuduh(mangsa) dicaci pula. Biarlah undang-undang dilaksanakan utk KEADILAN. Jangan bercakap tentang keadilan jika keadilan itu hanya sesuai utk batang hidung sendiri dan bukannya utk orang lain. Kalau DSAI tak mungkir janji utk lapur diri ke IPK KL pada awalnya, banyak perkara tak akan berlaku. Masalahnya terlalu banyak lakunan DSAI ni. Harap kali ini tak ada arsenic, racun tikus atau sakit tulang belakang lah (penyakit jantan).

    Kepada BAR, anda semua hanya manusia biasa dan kadang-kadang kelihatan perasaan anda menguasai rasional anda sebagai pengamal perundangan dan penegak keadilan. Bila pelanggar undang-undang itu rakan perasaan anda, keadilan biasanya anda ketepikan. manusia tetap manusia tak akan maksum….kecuali Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.

    Kepada tian chua, kalau akidah belum betul tak perlulah bercakap pasal hukum syariah/perundangan islam. Daripada anda menyalak tak tentu pasal, elok lah anda tumpukan kepakaran anda mencipta dan mencetak gambar-gambar palsu dan bawa ke parlimen anda.


  3. This is better than hollywood , bollywood and kollywood movies combined together .

  4. Datuk Ambiga,
    The country has been turned into an ‘anything goes’ cowboy state and we are still sitting & writing blogs and making pretty press statements….lets not be naive okay…please you are someone whom many of us look up to….frankly i cant see a new government taking shape…there is NO WAY the ruling sheriff and his gun-totting deputies are gonna surrender!!! Infact if you listen carefully to any MP from ruling party talk you will realize that they have no clue as to what Democracy means!! (if you need evidence i recommend that you read the transcript of the Great Fuel Debate and watch how the Info Minister gave his silly answers). For those who had high hopes of a new, fresh government by Sept 16 it looks like GAME OVER!!…how sad indeed but what do you expect?. So over to you Bar Council….please lead the way and ACT…for restoration of Truth and Justice in this wretched country!!! Believe me there is a huge,oppressed and expectant crowd behind to support you! We are with you…and so is God.

  5. You have every reason to remain being strong
    When you are neither guilty nor in the wrong
    You can still go on to sing your own theme song
    From coast to coast the whole day and night long

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170708
    Thu. 17th July 2008.

  6. If you have read the statements given by the police officers in this case, one can conclude their shallow mentality. example, ‘Expired time’ means to them 20 0r 50 minutes before the expired time makes no difference, so what is the difference if it is 20 or 50 minutes after….same difference?

  7. Enak saja apabila bercakap hal orang.Bagaimana nanti reaksi anda jika hal yang sama terkena pada batang hidung sendiri.

    Jika tiada apa untuk diperkatakan demi kebaikan,maka berdiam diri itu lebih bermunafaat daripada mengeluarkan kata-kata yang menyakiti tuan empunya diri yang kini menghadapi fitnah yang megaibkan.

    Menung-menungkan lah sebagai manusia yang beraqal fikiran.

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