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PAS Youth defends overtures to Umno

This is a quarrel between PAS and PKR over the rubbing of shoulders between UMNO and PAS. As per Abdul Hadi Awang, this move was to convey the message of Islam to individuals in UMNO.

I have no comments on these. I am not a party member, and don’t intend to be one in the near future. But, I take offense at the remarks made by PAS when it comes to PAS being the party having the most members in Pakatan Rakyat. The predominance of PAS is 83 seats to DAP’s 73 seats and PKR’s 40 seats in state legislative assemblies.

Then PAS goes on to brag about PAS people with the most party branches and the most number of people who brought about victory.

Let me correct the records. The bulk of the people who voted for PAS are not all, who loved the party and their Islamic principals. Many non-Muslims voted for PAS instead of voting Barisan Nasional as a protest against the ruling party. Many would have preferred PKR or DAP, but because the candidate was from PAS there was no choice. Many a voter did not even know who the PAS candidate was, but it did not matter, the annoyance was with BN. My state and parliament constituency were PAS candidates and after casting my vote, out of curiosity went to the party tent to ask who were the candidates as I wanted to say hello to them. Both were busy elsewhere and I left. So, it is not just PAS members or mainly Malays who voted PAS, a lot of non-Malays voted for PAS. If this is understood, then I have made my point.



  1. Pas better to make their stand clear to non malay.!! If Pas is playing the same politic with Umno….. then PAS and Umno are same morons 🙂 So next time PAS do not need tell people PAS is difference 🙂 Become a joke !! I am sorry if sound racists here but i do not have problem with people in practicing Islam teaching but not to a level like Taliban, and not corrupt and discrimate like Umno.

    Are they still wants living in their small racist world ? after march 8 actually is a good platform for all Malaysian go beyond the racists line, but again Pas is still very much narrow thinking.

  2. I agree with you and so do the DAP and PKR leaders need to realize that the ones that vote them are not all their supporter but PAS supporter that were not able to vote for PAS and DO NOT want to vote for BN.

    Thus, it is just the same for both sides.

    After all, if PKR can discuss with BN people to join them, why can’t PAS to convey their messages. Even Nik Aziz said that they will not join UMNO in any way.

    All in all, good review, there mate:D

  3. a lot of my non muslim friends are not happy with PAS.

    PAS is better off in a coalition with UMNO. One is an islamic fanatic and the other is a fanatic but doesnt know whether it’s Islamic or Malay fanatic.

    These 2 fanatics should join forces and all others join Pakatan rakyat for a better future for Malaysia

  4. U all want PAs to jaga hati you all… but you all did not jaga hati PAS… it should be both ways…

    BTW.. who are you to determine what is taliban like and not taliban like if you don’t understand Islam…?? In software development terms… It’s as same as if you don’t know Java programming language, who are you to comment about somebody’s Java coding????

  5. umno will corrupt pas. If they marry, pas betray the rakyat, pas will lose next election for sure.

  6. let me tell you this mr david …

    without PAS machinery support and members vote, I can assure you that PKR will not win more than 10 seats. I can assure you on this!

    as for DAP, they will also gain less seats compared to what they have now. but DAP is less significant in malaysian politics in the future because eventhough they win all the seats, they will still not make huge overall impact.

    mind you that PAS “sacrificed” almost 20 seats to PKR in the last elecation inc hot places like kuala kedah. so, stop bragging about your votes to PAS coz we can say the same to PKR or DAP. look how many votes DAP won in kota darul aman for example… merely 804 votes!!! do you think DAP can win the seat without PAS votes?? you must be an idiot if you think that way!

    as for PAS, yes…. they did get FEW non muslims support this time around, but they DID BETTER IN 1999 (won 27 seats) WHEN THE NON-MUSLIMS SUPPORT WAS ALMOST NON-EXISTENT.

    so, stop bragging about your votes… PAS will not beg for you to vote for them. huh…sombong tak kena tempat!

  7. malayamuda….

    looking at malaysian demographic now, if “these two fanatics” join forces, they will surely rule the country. there are 132 malay majority seats at the moment (this number will definitely increase given that malay alone form 60% of the population in 2008 statistics ie up from 58% in 2000 census with the remaining 10% are sabah/sarawak bumi – together bumiputra form 70% of the population now).

    if “these two fanatics” join forces, they will grab all malay majority seats. PAS vs PKR…PAS will win. UMNO vs PKR… umno will win. PKR won last time mainly due to PAS voters, i repeat again… PKR was last time mainly due to PAS voters!! pakatan rakyat without PAS will remain an opposition.

  8. Hi Adam

    I think I agree with you. With UMNO and PAS, together, they will win the Malay seats. But will this happen. Today papers say, Hadi and Nik Aziz don’t see eye to eye of PAS leaving Pakatan, Only time will tell.

  9. Dear Adam

    Stastics, if they are correct, indicate 5% of the Malay votes, 30% of Chinese votes and 35% of the Indian votes are protest votes, which helped Pakatan. But if a component party goes about doing what it thinks as correct, without thought of the other two, then Pakatan can be forgotten in the future.

    So, in my own idiotic way, I say when you join a coalition, you must respect the group.

    The choice of voting is mine, and by the way PAS did not beg for my vote but I gave it to them voluntarily.

  10. Hi anak perelih

    I would very much like to know how a person of this country can jaga hati PAS. Does that mean you say yes for everything that PAS does. If that be it are we not regressing rather than advancing forward. I may not know Java language, but this does not stop me using a computer. As for commenting on the code, why should I, not knowing anything.

    If you think anything Taliban is good that is your choice, please enjoy this freedom.

  11. Whatever PAS thinks if this episode is true can never be right. Not in their or their grandchildren’s life time can they ever dream of acheiving what they achieved in PRU 12 if DSAI was not in the picture. If intelligence prevail we as pakatan rakyat should not be too obsessed with this as I believe it is just a tactic started by the BN to shackle the Pakatan Rakyat. I think this is where the DAP can be relied on to uphold the spirit of the Pakatan Rakyat. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!!!

  12. dear david
    respect the group when joining the coalition? then please tell karpal singh and lim kit siang to stop bashing PAS about dropping islamic state idea forever when PAS never ask DAP to drop their malysian malaysia/secular/socialist ideology. please also tell the PKR guy to be more sensitive towards muslims by not protesting the sounds of the azan. for goodness sake, the azan has been there for ages and now, after given a bit of power…mula besar kepala. just imagine what these people will do when they have the power

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