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Tunku Abdul Aziz, a former special adviser to the United Nations Secretary General, writing in The Sunday Times, calls bloggers liars hiding behind the cyber curtain.

The Pahang ruler in a news item cautions people to be wary of bloggers.

The Tunku is hard hitting, calling bloggers arrogant, acting as the nations conscience, and arbiter of truth. Bloggers are least qualified he says, to give comments and opinions, as truth is sacrificed.

His emotive writing condemns bloggers as socially maladjusted, for writing the untruth. His grouse is also that bloggers level allegations left right and centre, on people they dislike, spreading despair and disquiet, exploiting the uncertain political times the country is going through. His other points are, bloggers by nature have sterile intellect and to compensate this deficiency engage in blogging to add spice and excitement to their postings.

The Blog language is such that even your aunt will feel uncomfortable.

Now comes the good point, despite all the evils the bloggers do, he is magnanimous to admit the disappointment of clumsy management of official information. He digs at the Information ministers, who in his estimation are people who control and regulate and what comes out is an insult to human intelligence.

At his best, the Tunku says the MSM is perceived as propaganda tools and bloggers are displacing the mainstream media. In ending he bemoans the fact that the government because of ineptitude is giving bloggers some credit.

On closer reading of the article, the Tunku is aware of the current situation of why bloggers are increasing in numbers, inept information from the government, and the MSM drives people to write their comments and views via blogs not to show their excellence in the language, but writing to show their feeling of the government and MSM and their failed attempt to paint a picture of semuanya ok, syndrome.
The main issue is whether bloggers lie to their teeth to get famous or for monetary gains. It is not so. Broadly speaking, there are two types of bloggers, the first group like Raja Petra, Jeff Ooi, Rocky Bru, Anil Netto and others are fortunate in  that they have little birds whispering in their ears as to what is happening in government circles. They write with confidence of what they know. The second group, where the bulk of the bloggers are in, depend on the MSM media for news, and God help those responsible if there is any attempt to spin the actual tale. The second group is vigilant enough to read a lot on line as well as other blogs, and form an opinion which cannot be a lie. Bloggers just don’t pluck out a subject, and start commenting unsure of the origin. If they do that they become story-tellers.

As for the ruler’s comments, that bloggers confuse the people and ruin the peaceful atmosphere in the country, is a bit far stretched. I think the bloggers as a community are more united and open to criticism and views, than what the government can ever do to bring the people to an open society of give and take forgetting your origins.


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