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Fuel subsidy would have cost gov’t RM30 bil

This relates to the fuel-hike debate tomorrow, between Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Shabery Cheek. Lim Guan Eng puts it nicely “it is going to be a dialogue rather the usual monologue”.

The Education Minister Hishammuddin says it is a “process of openness and he has total faith in Shabery” But at the same time he says, he is sceptical whether the public will be enlightened, Anwar will politise the debate and whether the public can be educated.

I think the Government has a phobia and sooner they get out of it the better. This same Anwar factor caused all the road blocks from Friday last not only in Kuala Lumpur but also in Seremban where I was during the week end.

Hisham need not fear. He should have debated with Anwar. If something else is doing it, is it not stupid for him to comment and make all the listeners as morons who can’t understand and are hero worshipping Anwar to swallow everything he says. Come on Hisham grow up.



  1. Pada pendapat saya perdebatan antara Anwar/Shabery berkaitan isu minyak pada 15 Julai ini tidak akan mendatangkan apa-apa faedah.Harga minyak dunia akan tetap naik dan elok tajuk perdebatan diubah kepada ” Kaedah untuk menghadapi kesan kenaikan harga barang “. Sekarang bukannya masa untuk menunjukkan kejaguhan berdebat .

  2. These are the clowns in Badawi’s administration. What do the rekyat expect? Pick out a minister who can really talk with his mouth. When PR takes over the government these clowns will be jobless.They do don want to be ordinary citizen but SOMEBODY who can say and do what they like because the PM is helpless.

    Information for you clowns. Tun Mahathir has the guts to be an ordinary citizen.

  3. Only people without confidence are scare of somebody. If they are smart and confidence, I think they always ready to challenge and fight with rumor or trouble maker. I think it is better to let the student run the governor, it is not much of different because we have the worst governor ever in Malaysia.

    Irregardless of our races, without a smart and professional governor, we all will suffer like now. Frankly speaking, this is why our governor is so useless because they dont know how to control the citizen.

    Imagine, they are still believing they have the ability to control civilization citizen..what a joke. Please work hand in hand together and fight for “Useless” governor. He or she is the real trouble maker. WE must eliminate them from governor

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