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No-confidence motion rejected, opposition stages walkout

The no confidence motion against Badawi was rejected by the speaker. Malaysians are going through a bad patch, in the 51st of their existence in this country. Look around, we have a premier who is weak and indecisive,not knowing to where he is leading the country, a deputy who people are afraid of because of his unsavoury past, oil prices up, food prices going up steadily, scandal after scandal, economy not doing well, Anwar lately said, in two months time, all small and medium sized business ventures would fail, Badawi assuring the people with empty talk everything is good.

The people have had enough. They want changes. Amin with his mulia tag, is neither mulia or close to it. Meekly he refers to the action of Shahrir who raised the question of oil prices, and a vote was taken with the Government scoring a majority. There was no question of a motion of no confidence by Shahrir, the vote taken taken was not for the Premier but just oil prices as part of the inefficiency of Badawi.

If today’s motion had been debated, and a vote taken, Barison Nasional will still win, being in the majority, but the opposition can bring out issues, where the country is being led to.

But the speaker who is nothing but an extension to the Umnoputras, refuses to allow the motion. He and his two other assistants will frustrate any move by the opposition to undo wrong by the present government and the hands of the people are tied.

What democracy is this.

Later, Amin stated in a different statement:

According to him, the opposition had filed their emergency motion for a
resolution under Standing Orders 18 but that standing order only allows
for debates.

“It is not the proper standing order. SO 18(1) and
(2) does not allow for vote of no-confidence to be carried out. It is
like a person who had committed raped but was charged for murder. You
cannot do that,” he said.

He explained that the emergency motion requesting for a resolution which leads to voting should be filed under SO 27.

Amin also said that the debate on the security and leadership has
already been discussed on June 23 during Shahrir’s emergency motion
debate on the fuel price hike and the mid-term review of the 9th
Malaysian Plan.

“If I had allowed the motion, I will be seen as
the most stupid Speaker in the world for allowing a motion filed under
the wrong SO to be debated.

“I will not allow them to drag the
Speaker into their politics. I will let the people decide whether they
were right to walk out and whether I was right in rejecting their
motion,” he said.

The fact he is undecided, is a clear indication of his intelligence, and the world can decide on his stupidity.



  1. I think one of them is stupid, either the speaker or the MPs from Pakatan Rakyat.. 1 against 82, from this formula we can decide who is the most real stupid.

  2. As I hv said, the 3 speakers especially the “KETUA”, was speaking thru his ah today. what a lame excuse to reject the nc motion. another umnoputra man in disguise.
    malaysia boleh

  3. AMIN!!!!

    Yes we know who signs his paycheck…no not you and me but the BN/UMNO but hey wait…we the tax payers actually major players too but sorry la we have no POWER.


    (Translate eng…AMEN)

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