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Umno-PAS talks: PM gives green light

Badawi has given his blessings for discussions to be held by PAS and UMNO on issues concerning Malays and Islam. He gave the impression that there were many conflicts over Malays and Islam and with the discussions such issues can be solved. He also added that the whatever done for the good of the Malays must take into consideration the other races.

The Malays have no problem with PAS. If at all, the religious fervour of this party irks the Muslim populace. The latest on lipstick and high heels is a good example. If UMNO gangs up with PAS, I fear the implication will be seriously felt by all Malays not under PAS control. Caution must be exercised.

For the non-Muslims, PAS can’t coerce them, but with this type of an alliance, where MCA, MIC are involved, will they be playing second fiddle to PAS. I wonder.



  1. If PAS and umno only talk mainly in Islam teaching, and hak Malay issues. I guess most of the non-malay will have no question if there is no coerce to non malay. But if the talk begin to go beyond politic, it is indeed a problem to non-malay. We non malay giving the vote to Pas is not we trust Pas, it is because umno politic that we reject. We were believe in PR menifesto for a better Malaysia. If Pas were to join Umno, we non malay will oppose and demand for GE again.

  2. Saya setuju PAS/UMNO bertemu dan bincang mengenai hal berkaitan orang Melayu dan agama Islam. Lupakan perbezaan politik dan sekarang ini adalah masa untuk Melayu bersatu demi maruah bangsa dan agama kerana sejak kebelakangan ini ada yang cuba menggugat bangsa Melayu dalan tanah airnya sendiri.

  3. Malaysian politics really stinks! Our government is trying to divide us all the time. They don’t have any intention to be fair to everyone and divide and rule is their way to stay in power. Makes me sick that these politicians are so greedy and selfish to the core. Where is their belief in God and morals?

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