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I am surprised that Bukit Aman CID chief Mohd Bakri Zinin is assuming a mysterious  cloak and dagger attitude towards the whereabouts of PI Balasubramaniam. The more he hides the information, the more people speculate and I think it is not wrong for them to assume the Police have a hand in the disappearance and subsequent discovery of his whereabouts.

There is no person or a group that has the means to make a family of 5 disappear just like that, except the Police. However much the CID chief may say that his department is not involved, and the Home Minister treats the disappearance as a matter of a trivial nature, the matter does not just go away. Now with the latest telephone conversation from PI Bala himself telling his nephew R.Kumaresan, not to continue the safe return campaign as this may endanger him and his family – all these point to intrigue and suspicion which only the Police can throw light on. The more they deny, the suspicion becomes worst.


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  1. You see the problem with the Police is that is does not enjoy the confidence of the people. Even if it is telling the truth, people will think it is a lie.
    So the one thing the Police has to do is to win back the trust of the people. So the our leaders, the IGP, the Interior Minister, the defacto Law Minister, the so-called Minister in the PM’s Office, the DPM and the PM – this is what needs to be done. If you do not do it don’t point the finger back at us.

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