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Malaysiakini has this on recruitment and promotion of civil servants in Kelantan.

PAS struck raw nerves yet again as its vice-president Husam Musa’s latest proposal was blasted by a MCA leader for being utterly insensitive towards the feelings of non-Muslims.

In Berita Harian today, Husam was quoted as saying prayers and religious practices would be factors of consideration when weighing promotions for civil servants in Kelantan.
The PAS leader also said that the recruitment of non-Muslims for the civil service will follow this rule too, according to the Malay language daily.

I feel sorry for the civil servants in Kelantan. They are duped to believe that only ulamaks or religious leaders are the only ones to get appointment and promotion and not your own credentials or ability. How does your head of department or the person who appoints you or the one who promotes you, know how good a Muslim you are. Do they see the type of clothes you wear, the way you exchange greetings, your quoting of the Koran for every question, and finally before leaving shake the hands of the person and say ‘I have done my best, if God wants me to be appointed or promoted, you can’t possibly stop it’. You may not be a religious scholar, but you have confidence in God, who will help you and not the chap who interviewed you. Who is important God or the interviewer.

Finally you can be a good Muslim for the world to see. But for God it is not what you pretend to be, but your action, deeds, thoughts and closeness to God. Outwardly you may not look like a good Muslim, but God knows you are nearer to him. It is between you and God.

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  1. sdr,
    Saya dah baca komen sdr ekoran laporan BH, seperti petikan sdr di atas.

    Izit logical to force ppls frm other religion to pray Islamic way? It wont make sense unless our thinking device are not normal anymore.

    What else for me to come with such mad idea. But u ll asked me, how it crops up in Kalimullah s paper?

    Pls check other mainstream papers that particular day, u wont find any other paper carry such illogical report.

    I brushed it out in my ceramah at Putik together with DSAI on 11th of July.

    I dont think u believed in that strory which means I cant think properly anymore n really poor of ideas.


    husam musa

  2. Hi Husam Musa,

    I am honoured by you commenting in my blog. Thank you.

    You can’t blame me if the root cause is the paper. Being an ex civil servant myself, appointment or promotion has no relevance to any religion except for the God given intelligence and ability that every person has.

    I did not read the contents of the ceramah to know your views. I am sure you would have been convincing.

    I am a believer in not mixing religion and the government. Religion is for your soul, and government has nothing to do with your relationship with God besides the norms of truth, serving, and doing your best in whatever work you do.

    The twain shall never meet, this is the experience of politicians in the days gone by and even now.

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