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This was the most commendable action he has taken over the years he has been a Minister.
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As the debate raged on today, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz met with Parliament chief administrator Kamaruddin Baria to discuss the matter.

After the meeting, he announced that all security personnel in Parliament would be told that the issue of dress code was none of their business.

“As long as you are decently dressed, it’s alright. It’s not up to the (security) officers to decide what is decent or what is indecent. Their job is to ensure security – that’s it,” said Nazri at a press conference.

parliament dress code issue 100708 01He said that so long as journalists and other visitors are not “wearing underwear and undershirt”, they should be allowed into Parliament.

Nazri added that action would only be taken if MPs or members of the public have written in to complain about “indecent dressing”.

The minister also said there should not be any double standards between MPs and non-MPs.

parliament dress code issue 100708 01
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