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Our Prime Minister, labelled as flip-flop, sleeping on duty, indecisive, lack of leadership, and other names very detrimental for a leader of the country, has still got a trick or two under his sleeve, to continue his present position. Remember he reminded the people in his first term as Prime Minister, that he is not a one term PM.

If he had been sincere that Najib should take over from him, he would have done so after the dismal failure of UMNO in the 12 GE. Then you can have the healthy respect that we reserve for leaders who value country more than their personal greed, and his name would have been recorded in history as a worthy Prime Minister in the line of the Tengku, and Hussein Onn.

But Badawi has seen the treasure in Ali Baba’s cave that becomes the personal property of a PM in Malaysia, result he is greedy, and I don’t blame him, in all his tenure as a Minister he was side tracked and wealth did not come his way. So, he has got to decide if it is the country or personal glory and satisfaction.

As far as he is concerned, he is not going to hand over the premiership to anybody, either he is booted out or dies in office. The power behind the premiership is too great and he does not want to share the power.

He will remain as PM until GE 13, where by people’s choice UMNO will disintegrate, and he will give in. Until then he wants to enjoy what he can.

The country and people will continue to suffer.

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