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Apparently, Nazri is no more the boss of what happens in Parliament, as evidenced by the fiasco created by the press reporters, the ruling to restrict their movements were either made by the Speaker or one of his 2 assistants. Everyone wanted to wash his hands and disclaim the order and the only guess is this could have been the work of security people in the Parliament house.

The security group is a very powerful entity, they decide not only their security work but also do the work of policing what people wear when they enter Parliament. I can appreciate their concern, any illegal substance can be hidden under the dress. The security also do the work of Police of  Dressing. They decide what you wear, the length, the width, the colour, the material it is made of, and whether it will clash with the dress of others in Parliament. What a heavy responsibility.

On top of the Police of  Dressing, we have the Administrators, the only ones who can over ride the decision of the Police of  Dressing group. While the Police of Dressing use their naked eyes to discern defaulters, the Administrators go one step beyond, they have instruments that detect dressing mistakes.

So, Nazri, neither the Speakers, nor the Police of Dressing are in charge of Parliament, the Administrators are. Phew, now I know.

Anyway read the following, and have a good laugh. Parliament has been dragged to such low level. Any how I hope this matter does not get the attention of Badawi, he is busy elsewhere, and should not be disturbed.

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Kwong Wah Daily assistant news editor Denise Lee had an unpleasant surprise when she wanted to enter Parliament House today.
She was stopped by security guards who said her skirt was too short.
“I don’t know why they stopped me from entering the building as my skirt falls below the knees as has been set by the dress code.
“I am wondering why they picked on me as I see that there are other people who are wearing skirts shorter than mine but were allowed to go in,” she said.
Lee said the matter was resolved after she met an administrative officer who allowed her entry, but warned that she could not wear the skirt to Parliament in future.
“I have been wearing this skirt so many times and I don’t understand why they say it is short,” she said.
A dress code was put up at the media room today.


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