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Shafie is smart. Past records of him as the former  Minister of  Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs has proven this.

Now he has a fling at bloggers, and I am happy to note that he said the following:

Bloggers made the recent demonstrations worst. Can somebody explain, Shafie’s intelligence is beyond my comprehension. Did the bloggers dance on the stage, were all those attending bloggers, did bloggers misbehave at the rally, or is there anything I missed.

He is worried people believe everything they read in blogs, and inaccurate information where RM 10 becomes RM 100 is passed around. Surely bloggers know the difference between 10 and 100.

Thank you Shafie. Assuming he had hit the nail, and bloggers are what he thinks they are, is he going to join the bandwagon of bloggers to put things right, pointing out mistakes, and be like a school teacher with a cane in hand to correct errand bloggers.

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Shafie: Blogs not doing any good

KUALA LUMPUR: Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal has hit out at blogs, saying they made the recent demonstrations worse.

He also described the culture of believing everything one read in blogs to be the truth as unhealthy and what made it worse was that the inaccurate information was passed on to others.

“One post may say a person stole RM10 and that amount might end up being RM100 when it got around. That is how inaccurate blogs can be,” he said after the ministry’s monthly assembly at the National Museum yesterday.

Shafie said the recent demonstrations were “compounded” by blogs. “These things do not bring any good to the country,” he said.


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