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This chap alleges he has been sodomised on 8 occasions. I don’t intend to be crude, but did not the earlier 7 occasions, make him realise he was doing something wrong or something against his conscience, something against religion and God or the least a painful experience. Am I to understand that the earlier instances were of mutual satisfaction or consensual, and only the last one was forced on him, making him to holler rape.

What good is there to bring in religious authorities: he never asked their permission earlier did he, or even drag God into it, he did what he wanted to do. By doing so, can the shame be forgotten, and can he be re-classified as heterosexual. He is wasting his time. Let the courts decide, whatever it may be, but he will be still called a pansy. He should pray to God to give him strength to live with this all his life.

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Saiful dares Anwar to swear in front of ulamaks
PETALING JAYA: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan has challenged PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to solve the matter either through mubahalah (malediction) or take oath in front of ulamaks (religious figures).
In an e-mail sent to TV3 which was aired during the station’s Buletin programme yesterday, Mohd Saiful said: “The truth will prevail. Falsehood will surely be exposed.”
The former aide to Anwar also described the sodomy issue as personal between them.
Mohd Saiful said he does not blame the rakyat and hoped that they would be calm and accept the fact with an open heart.
“I take all criticisms with an open heart. As a victim, I have the right to get protection,” he said.
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